Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Links Making Thing Talk by Tom Igoe

"Making Things Talk" by Tom Igoe.

Useful links to items to do the projects in the book:

Electronics suppliers: (images scientific instruments) (Supplier for IR Transmitter Project)

Software: - Remote Access Program Multimedia Progamming Environment Fwink webcam software for uploading images to a ftp site.
Dave's Telnet

Parts Lists:
Relevent links:
Arduino Board
BlueSMiRF Bluetooth
Flex Sensor Strip
Breakout Board for FT232RL USB to Serial

Force Sensing Resisistors
Flexforce at pricey? force sensing resistors page
Interlinkelectronic's guide on force sensing resistors page for the 1.5" interlink force sensing resistor search page for FSR page on FSRs
Opamp circuit for use with FSRs, outputs 0-5v based on force (
Flex Sensor Resistor on, was going to order 2 but least expensive shipping is $12.95
Flex Sensor Resistor on, same price as on but shipping might be less, never know because you won't find out until they ship and bill you. Sometimes it is good sometimes annoyingly high.

Lantronix CoBox Micro Embedded Device Server $67.00

XPort Embedded Device Server $49.00

Embedded Wireless 802.11 Device Server $165.00

TX-IRHS Infrared Remote Control IC

TSOP7000 IR Receiver Module (high speed)

TSAL7200 High-Power Infrared LED