Thursday, February 5, 2009

Accelerometer ADXL330

Today I pulled out the ADXL 330 I had ordered last winter. You can see I am soldering pins to it so I can put it on a breadboard. This I did and ran the Accelerometer Reader from chapter 8. The accelerometer in chapter 8 is a ADXL 320, which is not a 3.3v device and is wired 5v. If I learned 2 things it is 1. don't wire anything to higher voltages than specified, and 2. read the data sheet before wiring.
Another thing that is different is that the ADXL 320 appears to not need the ST pin connected to ground. I dicovered that the ADXL 330 wont work unless the ST is connected to ground. This is after much fussing around, and some wondering if I had overheated it during soldering, etc.

It turns out it worked fine.