Sunday, January 20, 2008

Webcam ,Email and Internet Hosting

Started in on web hosting I do (okay lame joke, but I hope you got it!) . Had the lesson in sending email from the Microsoft command line (pg92-93). (Go to START, click RUN, and type CMD then enter to get to the old DOS window) Had fun (no mischief) with sending out emails directly from the command line by telnet to the stmp mail server. The mail server is funny with it's conversational dialog. You telnet in and say Hello (HELO) and it replies "Hello, nice to meet you" when you type QUIT it says bye. I forgot to type HELO when I started in with the MAIL FROM: and it says "Polite people say HELO first". Pretty funny.

Figured out that a subdomain is where you plunk a word with a period in front of the domain. Domain being the web page name. So a sub domain named "subdomain" of would be That was new, though I had seen that before. Just didn't know what sub domain meant.

Mostly simple stuff but lots of it. Neat stuff to poke around with.

Went through my pile of old web cams, and chose a logitech spherical one and got the driver off the logitech site. Downloaded the webcam freeware program fwink. All installed.

All works and here it is:

That was fun!

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