Saturday, February 2, 2008

RFID Parallax Order Snafu

January 5th ish, I decided I needed to order the RFID kit from Parallax. It was in stock and so I did the order for the "kit" which included the reader and 5 RFID tags.

Being very cost conscious I selected the 70cent standard shipping option. After a week of so I started wondering where the RFID kit was, and checked my paypal account and there was an "expired" charge, which means they didn't debit my account. I looked back in my email for a shipping confirmation and after rereading it now, misread their order confirmed email and assumed they had canceled the order because of my selecting the 70cent shipping. I went back to the RFID page on the Parallax site and found the RFID kit out of stock.

This week I was on the verge of ordering the Parallax RFID kit from trossenrobics, thinking that the Parallax order was cancelled. The only thing stopping me was that the shipping would be $10+ and they charge 5% on Paypal orders. I use paypal alot because it is so easy to keep tabs on the account and I don't have to worry about someone stealing my credit card number.

So today I get a box from Parallax with the RFID kit. It has 5 RFID tags, including a key fob, "world tag", disc sticker, card, and a glass RFID tag ("not for implanted use", their words not mine). I just found out it is discontinued on the Parallax site.

I think I am going to skip ahead and try the RFID project.

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