Monday, April 7, 2008

Polar Heart Rate Monitor

I have been off my projects for a while. I have been itching to get back onto some projects, one of which as been to make something to take in the signal from my polar fitness heart rate monitor and put out some sort of visual or sound indicator of my heart rate. Maybe a led meter across my head. Something interesting but also data log my heart rate and associate it with some other data like that from a GPS. There are products out there that do this but I already have a lot of the components to do this.

One element that I had just started thinking about is how would I read the signal from the heart rate monitor. Sparkfun just began offering a OEM polar fitness receiver module. How easy does that get? It is $14.95 which is in my price range so I am ordering one. It does require a addtional 32khz crystal.

Another item that caught my interest is they are carrying UV leds. There are warnings about using eye protection. Also interesting is that the stated applications are for insecticide. At $.95 each, a few won't break the bank.

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jonnor said...

Hi, any progress with the Polar board? Im interested in doing something like that as well. Would the Polar board be able to interpret signals from generic non-encoded belts as well? I assume theres some sort of standard, but I cant find any information about it. Maybe you could point me in the right direction?