Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bluetooth Communication Established!

Had some time today to try some things out with the BlueSMiRF.

I was able to communicate between two computers (and 2 windows of hyperterminal), one using the bluetooth USB adapter, and the other using the FT232R USB to Serial Converter connected to the sparkfun bluetooth modem through the TX and RX connections. It was using real "honest to goodness" radio waves! Wireless! Real text! After having it not work, it really did seem miraculous when it did!

I had some peculiar things happen that will probably be explained when I go over the Roving Networks User Guide again. I had the bluetooth blueSMiRF modem hooked up to my laptop (through the FT232R) and had it communicating with my desktop PC (USB bluetooth)

To connect to the BlueSMiRF, I had to set the baud to 115200. This is stated in the user guide. If I played around with the baud settings in the 2 windows of hyperterminal sometimes it would be fine, and other times not.

Also my laptop went to sleep and upon waking it would not talk with the blueSMiRF. Everything seemed fine except it would not go into Command mode or communicate. I had to reboot the laptop.

After that it would talk with the laptop in Command mode and (out of Command mode) talk with the Desktop.

It would be inconvienient if the bluetooth stopped working when the laptop went to sleep and requrired a reboot work again. If this is "just how it is" at least I would know and deal somehow. I suspect there is a reason and way to have it not do that.

Don't know for sure yet.

Also the setting in Hyperterminal I used on the laptop for "Local Configuration" as it is called in the Roving Networks User Guide (Roving Networks Bluetooth Serial Module Command Set Version 4.26) (Page 6) is the exact opposite of what is suggested. Under the Flow Control setting I used None, where in the manual it says use Hardware.

If I use Hardware Flow Control, it doesn't work. I don't know why this is (yet) but it was important to me for obvious reasons.

I can connect in Command Mode from the bluetooth connection, keep in mind that there is timer and the the default is 60 seconds from startup. I can connect with Flow Control set to None or Hardware. In the manual it suggests Hardware for this also.

I am just mentioning this because sometimes things wont work as instructed, very important things. Maybe I did something somewhere else incorrect to cause this, maybe not. In this case experimenting doesn't hurt.

Next step is to get the Arduino to transmit over the BlueSMiRF. I will save that for tomorrow.

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