Saturday, December 15, 2007

Vex Bumper Switches and Battery Packs

I replaced the 2 switches with the bumper switches from VEX. Also took them apart to see what was inside (click on this link to see), nothing especially unexpected.

They are pretty convenient to use with decent mounting slots and look good. Maybe not as nice as some industrial buttons but with the mounts and 3 prong connectors they are acceptable.

Also I made an adapter to use a standard rc car 7.2V battery pack for the wireless project. (center positive) It is larger and bulkier than I would want but it was convenient. I was going to use a 4 AA NiMh cell pack but the voltage would be too low to run well with the 5volt voltage regulator.

The only thing to remember is to move the power jumper from USB to EXT.

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aTanguay said...

Hey, so that power pack will plug in and run the Arduino with just an adapter eh?

I just pulled my Vex stuff out of the attic to see what I could adapt to use with my Arduino. I forgot that the servos are continuous rotation!