Monday, December 10, 2007

Images SI Order Comes In, Arduino Setup Continues

I am pretty happy that the Images Scientific order came in. I got my FSRs and Flex Sensors in.
I tried them even though I thought their $12.95 shipping was high. The order came in a bubble envelope and weighed much less than a pound. Most of the weight was from their catalog, which to tell the truth I was happy to see. I like paper catalogs, it allows me to browse and look at things that I otherwise would not come across.

Arduino on a Board

I mounted the Arduino on a nice piece of scavanged scrap plywood with a fancy breadboard. Both are screwed to the board. I don't want the arduino to go whipping around with the usb cable plus it should make things neater. I left some extra space on the side for buttons, leds and the other boards I am going to use with it.

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