Saturday, December 29, 2007

Project 3 Complete (Bluesmirf)

With the bluesmirf project complete I want to say that I am very impressed with "Making Things Talk" by Tom Igoe. The book is excellent! I did have problems with the bluesmirf from sparkfun because they put out a revised unit with a different (looks like a better one, but I can't compare) bluetooth module on it. The command set is different from what is in "Making Things Talk", but once I realized that the module was different I was able to get going again with the datasheets on the sparkfun bluesmirf product page. This was no fault of the book and from the viewpoint of a normal bluesmirf user no big deal, they would just the datasheet. I have seen other examples of computer hardware where the model number is the same but the hardware under the cover is much different. As a general rule looking at the datasheet helps big time. Once I got over being intimidated by them they were a big help, I don't necessarily read the whole thing either, they work as a quick reference too.

I wanted to test the waters before I committed to putting out the money on the hardware for the projects. This stuff is really new to me and the book is exactly what I had been looking for. There are many projects on the internet but I have never seen a group like in this book that are so useful and cover so much.

I can't wait to see Tom's next book if he decides to do one!

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